Luscious Laurent Honey LLC

by WIBeekeeper - Laurent

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Image by wendysoucie via Flickr

Beekeeping is a very important occupation and/or hobby to the well being of our planet.  It is no secret that bees play a vital role in cross-pollinating trees and plants. Their role as pollinators takes precedence over the fact that they supply us with an abundance of sweetness in the form of honey.

I got into beekeeping over 15 years ago when my wife and I moved our family away from the city to a remote hilltop farm just North of  Lodi, Wisconsin. I initially had no aspirations to go into the honey business.  My primary concern was to help nature by replenishing the area with efficient pollinators.

With a couple of harvests under my belt, I was amazed at the volume of honey that my bees had produced. After that, I was hooked on beekeeping and would share my experiences with anyone who would listen.  Some even asked if  I would set up a hive near their gardens and fruit trees.  Eventually people asked if they could purchase my honey and the rest is history.

But where did the name come from?

The name Luscious Laurent came from my old wrestling ring name, but after tasting my honey, I think you will agree that my bees really deserve the title.

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